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FG Nutraceutical Inc Contact Information

The website does not show a company name or any address information. FG Nutraceutical’s ‘office’ is Bill Kelly’s residence that also functions as the FGN office.


This website will be used to provide information on TeamFGN, FG Nutraceuticals, FGN, FeelGood, AIS MAX, APR15, UBC, Marco D’Amici and Bill Kelly. Please keep an eye on this website for new information or click here to subscribe to this website. You can add any comments to the posts. Personal stories are welcome too. This […]

A new Website –

The new website is to ensure that the information on this website will show up when people search for AIS MAX:

Is FGN coming to an End?

Over the last year there have been plenty of issues for FGN: FGN had to pull UBC and APR15 The only product left is AIS MAX. Will FGN be able to produce more AIS MAX despite this apparent business decline? A massive price increase for the ‘new enhanced’ AIS MAX Read here for more information. […]


Once again, FGN can not manage to maintain a constant supply of AIS MAX.