FG Nutraceutical Inc. (FGN) and Marco D’Amici ordered to pay more than $2,500,000

A judgment in the supreme court of British Columbia has ordered FGN and Marco D’Amici to pay more than $2,500,000 to past investors.

The parties in this case:

Between: Tesscourt Capital Ltd. (Plaintiff)


FG Nutraceutical Inc., FG Nutraceutical Inc. doing business as FG Nutraceutical Inc. and Marco D’Amici (Defendants)


[Other investors] (Plaintiffs)


FG Nutraceutical Inc., FG Nutraceutical Inc. doing business as FG Nutraceutical Inc. and Marco D’Amici


The place and date of judgment: Vancouver, B.C. June 22, 2011

An excerpt of the judgment:

Tesscourt is entitled to judgment in the amount of $1,088,036, plus interest at 12% per annum; the [other investors] are entitled to judgment in the amount of $437,500, plus interest at 12% per annum. Counsel for the plaintiffs concedes that the interest should run only from the date of execution of the loan agreements.

The mentioned loan agreements were signed in March of 2006, which means there is more than 5 years of interest:

Original amount: $1,525,536 ($1,088,036 + $437,500)

Amount after five years interest: more than $2,500,000

What does this mean?

This judgment means that FGN/Marco D’Amici have to pay more than $2,500,000. If they cannot pay, bankruptcy would be the most likely outcome for both the company and its director (Marco D’Amici).

Marco D’Amici

Marco DAmici

Marco D'Amici

Marco has worked with Bill Kelly for over 20 years.

Marco is the president of FG Nutraceutical Inc (FGN) and therefore legally and financially responsible for all its undertakings.

Marco takes his orders from Bill, allowing Bill to circumvent his 20 year ban of being an officer in a company.

Recently both FGN and Marco have been sued for $748,000 CAD.

The announcement can be found in the ‘Who’s suing whom’-section of the Vancouver Sun:

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Bill Kelly

Bill Kelly

Bill Kelly

Bill was born in Sault Ste. Marie, ON and currently lives in Downtown Vancouver, BC.

Anyone who has dealt with FGN will tell you that Bill effectively runs FGN.

Bill started FGN, has formulated the products for FGN, he determines the direction of the company and receives his income from FGN.

There is a good reason why Marco is the president of FGN in stead of Bill. In 1998, Bill was sentenced to a jail sentence and was banned for 20 years from being a director or officer of a company.

All the information regarding his ban and jail time can be found here:

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Jackie Sutton

Jackie Sutton

Jackie Sutton

 A few site visitors have provided information about Jackie Sutton.
One email states:

A major principle at the FGN office is Bill Kelly’s girlfriend Jackie Sutton (picture attached).

Jackie’s son works as a computer tech for FGN.

Jackie has most of the downline positioned under her position in the company (well after the organization was built = you can make the connection there).

A search of the public records will reveal that Jackie was arrested by the RCMP(within the last 10 yrs.) and convicted on a pyramid MLM scheme and convicted, paying a fine in leu of jail time.

Another email:

I am surprised no one has included information on Jackie Sutton and her involvement with this company. She too has a history.

If you have any additional information or pictures of Jackie Sutton, then please post the information in the comments bellow, or email info@teamfgn.info.
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Bill Kelly’s Business Past

Another email, from another website visitor.
All excerpts shown below talk about Bill:

Source: Infoline, (VAN_Exchange)
Subject: William Kelly

Here are some headlines. Full stories in detail are available.
Sun & Province Infoline / Permissions
www.vancouversun.com / http://www.png.canwest.com/infoline/sun/

Watchdog upholds trading ban penalty: The CDNX followed due process and had enough evidence, commission says.
A Canadian Venture Exchange decision to ban a Howe Street promoter who paid an undisclosed finder’s fee to a convicted bank fraudster has been upheld by the B.C. Securities Commission. A commission…
Byline: David Baines, Source: Vancouver Sun
Page: C1 / FRONT, Edition: Final
Vancouver Sun – Sat, Sep 30, 2000 – 568 words

Planners jailed for securities offences: Vancouver couple convicted of multiple violations in failed drilling scheme.
Two Vancouver financial planners have been sentenced to jail after being convicted of multiple securities violations in a failed oil-and-gas drilling scheme. William Kelly and his wife, Maureen,…
Byline: David Baines, Sun Business Reporter, Source: Vancouver Sun
Page: D5, Edition: Final
The Vancouver Sun – Thu, Sep 25, 1997 – 294 words

Financial-planning duo convicted in drilling scheme: B.C. Securities Act violated 11 times in failed oil-and-gas project promotion.
Two Vancouver financial planners have been convicted of multiple securities violations in a failed oil-and-gas drilling scheme. William Kelly and his wife, Maureen, were convicted of 11 violations…
Byline: David Baines, Sun Business Reporter, Source: Vancouver Sun
Page: D1 / FRONT, Edition: Final
The Vancouver Sun – Wed, Jun 11, 1997 – 205 words

Husband, wife charged in oil, gas drilling funds case
RCMP have charged two Vancouver financial planners with four counts of selling units of two oil and gas drilling funds after B.C. securities regulators had issued cease trade orders against…
Byline: David Baines, Source: VANSUN
Page: D2, Edition: Final
Vancouver Sun – Fri, Jun 9, 1995 – 169 words

William Kelly, a key figure behind two delinquent drilling funds and a dubious financial planning firm, is now running a school for entrepreneurs. Operating under the Hunter-Palmer Group, Kelly…
Source: VANSUN
Page: D1, Edition: Final
Vancouver Sun – Thu, Jul 28, 1994 – 192 words

Convicted planner behind 2 delinquent funds: PLANNER: irregularities prompt complaints from investors
A Vancouver financial planner who was criminally convicted for taking secret commissions is one of the key figures behind two oil and gas drilling funds that have failed to account for at least $4.1…
Page: D1, Edition: Final

Financial planner jailed 2 years
Financial planner William Thomas Kelly was sentenced Wednesday to two years in jail concurrent on four counts of corruptly accepting kickbacks totalling $925,086 from a Winnipeg-based real…
Page: B1, Edition: 4*
The Vancouver Sun – 311 words

Financial planner guilty
Vancouver financial consultant William Thomas Kelly was found guilty Tuesday of corruptly accepting $925,586 in secret commissions from Winnipeg-based Qualico Developments Ltd. Vancouver provincial…
Source: VANSUN
Page: A11, Edition: 5*
The Vancouver Sun – 40 words

BMW Still Trying to Collect From Marco D’Amici

Same old, same old, with Marco D’Amici.

As of June 2009, BMW is still trying to collect on the outstanding monies owed for a car Marco D’Amici leased through his company for Bill Kelly.

They definitely look after each other don’t they.

The big car William Kelly and Marco D’Amici liked driving around till last year was either taken by or given back to BMW. However, it still has an outstanding balance against it.

BMW seems to have trouble getting Marco D’Amici on the phone to get the balance paid, Marco has tried to avoid them.

We guess Marco D’Amici/FGN can not pay the balance or want someone else to pick up their tab. The bill is just over 4000 dollars.

As said at the beginning: same old…same old!

A car similar to the BMW Bill Kelly and Marco D'Amici liked driving

A car similar to the BMW Bill Kelly and Marco D'Amici liked driving

FG Nutraceutical Inc Contact Information

The aismax.com website does not show a company name or any address information. The only company contact information on the website is an email address and a 1-800 number.

However, the FG Nutraceutical Inc address is available if you know where to look.

FG Nutraceutical’s ‘office’ is Bill Kelly’s residence that also functions as the FGN office.

The address is:
1702 – 588 Broughton Street
Vancouver, BC
V6G 3E3

More information on the apartment:

How to find the FG Nutraceutical address
‘AIS MAX’ has been trademarked.

The Canadian trademark shows the FGN PO Box and can be found here:

The US trademark shows the full address, below a screenshot:

AIS MAX US Trademark Information

AIS MAX US Trademark Information

Follow these four steps to find this information:

  1. Visit http://www.uspto.gov/ebc/tess/index.html
  2. Click on ‘Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS)’
  3. Click on ‘New User Form Search (Basic)’
  4. Type ‘AIS MAX’ as the search term and click ‘Submit Query’

FGN will no longer market UBC

On July 4th, FGN sent the following email:

FGN will no longer market UBC effective July 7th, 2008

For the American market there are now more high quality creams available along with quality supporting advice then in previous years.

FGN’s policy is to carry unique products that are not readily available and our decision falls inline with this philosophy.

We refer you to Dr. John Lee’s website which in our opinion is your best resource.




FGN still had thousands of UBC tubes in stock, and Bill has often touted UBC as the best cream out there. It seems safe to say that the removal of UBC was not voluntary.

I suspect that Health Canada has paid FGN a visit: progesterone creams like the UBC are not allowed to be sold in Canada.

Furthermore, the UBC expired November 2007. Selling an expired product seems another good reason for a Health Canada visit.

Lastly, the removal of UBC from the www.teamfgn.com website has been sloppy and seems hurried.

FGN has likely been ordered to remove UBC from its website by either Health Canada or by the FDA. If it was a planned removal, then a few minutes of redesign would have made the page look clean and professional.

Another indicator that the removal was executed ASAP:
As of this morning, the UBC link still works:


Customers can still place an order, the page shows up.

What is Next?

FGN now has two products left: the AIS MAX and the APR15.

The APR15 has been expired for a few years now, the expiration date on the tube is ’06’. Marco / Bill will tell you that is says ’08’ or that it has been a mistake by the laboratory.

However, Health Canada could verify the real expiration date by matching up the tubes’ lot number with the expiry date of that lot. The laboratory should have this information.

In fact, FGN could show its customers that the APR15 has not yet expired by publishing that information on its website.

FGN competes with its own Distributors

The FGN website is still live (www.teamfgn.com), FGN is still doing its weekly product call – so FGN is still in the MLM business, right?

Then why would FGN create a website that allows ANYBODY to order AIS MAX? A website that competes with its own distributors:


AISMAX.com sells AIS MAX, and offers AIS MAX at a wholesale price for retailers.

And how do we know for sure that this is not a page setup by a distributor? Well… aismax.com is owned by Marco D, president of FG Nutraceuticals, aka FGN.

You can find this information by visiting:


A screenshot of the information:

(scroll down to continue reading)

As you can see, the information was last updated on October 3rd, 2008. This is most likely when this site went live.

FGN promised that FGN products would never be available in retail stores, because the FGN products need coaching, personal support and FGN would always support its distributors.

I guess that philosophy is out of the window.

The new philosophy seems to be: try to sell product directly so we don’t have to pay commission to distributors.

The time that a company starts competing with its own MLM distributors, seems a good time to look for better business opportunities.

If you have any feedback, corrections or additional information then please email info@teamfgn.info.

A quick introduction

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Bill Kelly’s (Criminal) Business Past

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A new Website – http://www.aismax.info/

FGN does not longer use http://www.teamfgn.com, but uses http://www.aismax.com instead.

The new website is to ensure that the information on this website will show up when people search for AIS MAX: http://www.aismax.info

The information will be added in the coming days / weeks.

FGN Website No Longer Available

The TeamFGN.com website is no longer available.
http://www.teamfgn.com has been redirected to http://www.aismax.com/.

The distributor websites do not work anymore, which means that FGN can no longer keep track of distributor’s sales. The distributors will now have to trust FGN and hope they will receive payment for their customer’s orders.

The redirection is deliberate:
www.teamfgn.com is no longer pointing to the old website’s location, but points to www.aismax.com instead, hosted by GoDaddy.

The most likely reason seems a lack of funds to pay for the old website, since it was integrated with a shopping cart and an MLM back-end.

Is this the end of FGN? Or will they attempt to get the the distributor sites back up again?

Feel free to email any additional information to info@teamfgn.info (Anonymity guaranteed)

FGN has left the Building – Part II

Quick update
FGN (dba ‘FG Nutraceuticals Inc’ and ‘FGN USA Inc’) has indeed vacated the office they occupied in North Vancouver. They did not notifiy the company they leased the office from, which means they broke the lease.

The company that leased the office to FGN is now looking for Marco D’Amici.

More details will follow when available.

Please email info@teamfgn.info with ANY information about this situation, including the new FGN address.

‘FG Nutraceuticals Inc’ doing business as ‘FGN USA Inc.’

A reader of this website pointed out that there is no mention of FGN USA Inc.

‘FGN USA Inc’ is the US-version of ‘FG Nutraceuticals Inc’ (FGN).

The only difference between FGN and FGN USA Inc is the name.
Marco D is president of both companies and as a result Bill K and Marco make all decisions for both companies.

For any business transaction they use the company that is most beneficial, there is no clear separation.

The www.teamfgn.com website uses both FGN and FGN USA Inc.: http://www.teamfgn.com/copyright.asp .

The product labels for APR15 and UBC used FG Nutraceuticals Inc.
If the picture on http://www.teamfgn.com/products/ais_max.asp is current, AIS MAX also uses FG Nutraceuticals Inc.

As a result, all information on this website is relevant to both FG Nutraceuticals Inc and to FGN USA Inc.

FGN has left the Building

In the past week Marco and Bill have moved out of the North Vancouver office.

There is a scheduled Monday ‘Health Forum’ call, so FGN still seems to be in business. They are likely working from home until they run out of AIS MAX, which will probably be the end of FGN.

Please email info@teamfgn.info if you have any additional information.
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Is FGN coming to an End?

Over the last year there have been plenty of issues for FGN:

  • FGN had to pull UBC and APR15
    • The only product left is AIS MAX. Will FGN be able to produce more AIS MAX despite this apparent business decline?
  • A massive price increase for the ‘new enhanced’ AIS MAX
    • Read here for more information.
  • Marco got sued for $748,000, click here for details
    • The president of FGN being sued for ‘$748,000 pursuant to a loan’ will not help when trying to secure new funds.
  • FGN does not maintain it’s website decently
    • UBC and APR15 have been removed from www.teamfgn.com but the home page still looks like a work-in-progress and the UBC page has not been removed: teamfgn.com/products/ubc.asp.This website is supposed to be used by the distributors, but it seems that FGN does not spend any more money / effort than absolutely necessary.
  • Recorded calls are no longer posted on the message board
    • The last calls that were posted are from August. Again, this used to be another excellent tool for distributors. Is it no longer worth the effort?
  • No more spontaneous distributor feedback on the conference calls
    • For a while now, FGN does not allow live distributor feedback on its conference calls.

All these items do not bode well for FGN – Do you have any additional information, positive or negative?

Please email info@teamfgn.info and your information will be posted on this website anonymously.


AIS MAX was introduced in November 2005.

March, 2008
Once again, FGN can not manage to maintain a constant supply of AIS MAX.

Can FGN not predict when its stock runs out?
Can it not finance in time?
No matter what the reason: bad news if you have a product that is depended upon by sick people.

Foreseeing when a new batch is needed is not hard, so why is it that FGN cannot manage to produce in time?

FGN has sent emails to its distributors on March 18, in which it tries to hype the new ‘enhanced’ AIS MAX which should be available by the end of March, 2008. It also announces a massive price increase for the AIS MAX.

A few comments:
AIS MAX was a good product with a proven track record, so why change it? Why not move on to formulating other products? (As was promised in the past)

Based on FGN’s track record, it is more likely that the AIS MAX will be available by the end of April, if at all.

Why increase the price for distributors by 84% and at the same time decrease the profit for distributors?

The motto of FGN used to be that it would at least help the distributor pay for their own product. Until recently, it was not too hard for a distributor to ‘finance’ his/her own AIS MAX through sales:

– 2 retail sales of AIS MAX would buy 1 AIS MAX for a distributor
– 5 preferred customer sales would buy 1 AIS MAX for a distributor

With the new pricing structure:
– 12 customer sales of AIS MAX will buy 1 AIS MAX.

Who will work for this little money?